My greatest inspiration

Inspiration! A big word that sometimes we take for granted or just don’t notice.  Some people say they get inspired by listening to music, being on the beach, listening to the waves, eating, you name it.  For me its was a little different…

Theres a young man in my life that came to this world in 1994 and changed my family’s life during his first years of development.  He was born healthy, strong, and with unremarkable skills.  It was when he turned 3 my parents noticed he was not talking, he had difficulty adapting to social environments, picky eater, and so forth.

That was when my family decided to seek help.  They received horrible results such as: “He will never ride a bike”, “He will have trouble talking to others”, etc.  But you know what, my parents did not give up.  That same day they bought him a bike and he learned how to ride it.  Later they got him speech therapy and he TALKED!

During those speech therapy sessions I usually was a participant.  The SLP asked me to help her with activities that involved play, ask him questions, help him with following directions tasks, and other skills.  In that time I did not understand why my brother was playing all the time and not working?  It is now that I understood all of the magic within those therapy/play sessions, it is now when I understand the importance of early intervention, it is now when I realised that we as SLP’s have a life changing career that sometimes we take for granted.

In summary, those first years of my brother’s life created memories that I dragged through all my school years and at some point decided to become that person who help my little brother be an independent, intelligent, and now a great Engineer.

Milton y yo