About Me

Welcome to Speak My Speech website, where you will find fun, exciting, and motivating posts about my experiences in the speech and language world!

My name is Keysha Martinez-Torres, current bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist in an outpatient clinic.  I am very excited to share all my thoughts and ideas with my subscribers and visitors about how I’ve developed as an SLP.

So let’s talk a little about me…It all started when I was about 14 years old sitting in a couch with on of my neighbours (weird right!?).  She was asking me what was my goal in life, what I wanted to be, how I wanted to change the world (I though: “I’m to young for this!”).  Anyway, she asked me about my brother, his speech therapy, my parents dedication, and how it helped him so much.  That’s when my light bulb clicked!  I want to be a Speech and Language Pathologist!  

Milton y yo

How did I become an SLP?  I started my college years with my mind set to be a Speech Pathologist.  Did I know what was coming? NO!  But I was very excited about it.  My bachelors degree was completed by 2013 with a concentration on Preschool and Elementary education, which gave me an idea of what schools were, how students worked, and how my life could be when I started working in an academic environment.  That same year I was accepted into the Carlos Albizu University, San Juan Campus Masters of Science program in Speech and Language Pathology…So exciting! It was a great and challenging experience, sculpting myself to become a great SLP.

Once I finished my masters, I had the great idea to work in a summer program in Boston! It was challenging, nerve wrecking, intense,  and a huge change in my life, and it all was because of the language barriers. Even though that experience was intense, I became the district wide bilingual Speech Pathologist in a town in Massachusetts!

In the present, I am living in Nashville, TN, working as the only bilingual Speech Language Pathologist in an outpatient clinic.

Besides being an SLP I also love love love being my family and friends (including my love), go to cycling classes, going to the beach (I little hard to do since I moved to a cold place), and explore new things.

My family has been a great support for me throughout all my school years and still are right behind me in all my goals in life.  They live in Puerto Rico, but they make it feel like they are right next door by calling, texting, and visiting my at least once a year.



My friends are awesome and support me through group chats, making my visits to Puerto Rico a blast, and just having my back in my decisions.



I also am great full for my fabulous love, doctor, and best friend who has giving me the inspiration and support to grow as a person, professional, and spiritual human being during this new, exciting, and tough year.


The beach is one of the things I miss most.  being able to get some sun in my skin, listening to the waves, and just relax any day of the week was great.  I really recommend you all visit Puerto Rico! It has beautiful beaches, great historical places, and great people.

Well, this is all you have to know about me for now!  I appreciate you making your way to my website and I hope you enjoy all of my posts and give me feedback on the content of this site.

Remember…Speak My Speech,